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The Tech Info Group is a full-service technology partner offering comprehensive telecommunication and managed IT services, conveniently bundled to meet your needs. We are a direct-to-business solution provider.

The Tech Info Group delivers unified network communications and connectivity services, with managed IT solutions, offering customers unparalleled technical support and services.

The Tech Info Group Services
Internet Access
By utilizing our ethernet based fully meshed fiber optic backbone your office easily connect to: other locations, datacenters, public or private clouds with ease.

With a range of network solutions including SD-WAN, Managed Fiber Optics, High Speed Internet Access, and 5G Failover, maximize your productivity while lowering operational costs, without compromising quality.
Network Security
With our ability to protect, monitor and layer on network security & management reporting, we can not only give real-time data, but also audit ‘back in time’ to determine an exposure if needed.

Our Security Services as a managed solution learns your network habits to self alert suspicious activities done after-hours, rogue attempts by internal employees and more.
Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS)
IaaS service are built to help move your business from a centralized and localized infrastructure to a redundant and accessible one. We offer 3 main components in on our IaaS products: Server Management, Cloud Computing, and Flex Computing.

Our server management solutions are meant for business that are slowly looking to decentralize some of their applications and make them accessible outside the local desktops.
Strategic IT Business Planning
Our professional IT Projects Management Services create a business infrastructure that clearly projects your goals, and implement feasible solutions that guide you through from concept to execution.

Our IT Project services include analysis and consulting, planning and development, budgeting, equipment procurement and delivery, staffing and resources and comprehensive management services.
Managed IT Services
With comprehensive help desk services and an experienced technical support team, you can expect a strategic partnership with step-by-step guidance, seamless communication and the proactive management of your workstations, network, cloud, and much more.
Hardware Management
Our expert team of IT technicians offer technical support, remote and on-site maintenance and repair, and comprehensive hardware management, to ensure your devices and systems are operating optimally.

With hardware-as-a-service, we offer troubleshooting, testing, product replacement, and real solutions for fixing the damage associated with your hardware so you do not have to.
Disaster Recovery
The need to protect your most essential digital assets has never been higher. With a risk of data loss that is nearly inherent, your business deserves proven, regularly monitored and on-going protected back-up solutions to combat this inevitably.
Voice Services
The Tech Info Group delivers the flexible connectivity options you need, allowing on-demand scalability and a secure connection to your platform of UC services. You get the quality and assurance of our fully managed, owned and operated advanced IP network, which delivers high definition (HD) audio and superior service without the costs associated with legacy technologies. We understand what it takes to provide your team exceptional voice services, because we have been doing just that for over 25 years. Our unique sensitivity to static and dropped calls make us the perfect fit to provide and manage your voice network. Utilizing our extensive engineering experience we are able to ensure that there isn’t a solution out there that we cannot support.
Why Choose Us?


Reliable, strategic and proactive monitoring to keep you protected 24/7. Technical support dispatched in 4 hours or less for IT, internet, phone, and network security services.


With 25 years of serving the managed services and internet space, we have delivered value year after year, without ever compromising quality or the needs of the customer.
Consistent pricing month over month. Our competitors charge the client on an hourly basis. There is no incentive for them to fix the problems as soon as possible, so they outage may prolong


Services come with SLA (Service Level Agreement) Guarantee. Stay assured that we provide the service according to the highest standards.
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